Our History

The Joint Venture Morgan Thermal Ceramics Sukhoy Log LLC was established in 2005 on the basis of Sukhoy Log Refractory Works OJSC which has been one of the largest manufacturers of silica–mullite fibre products in Russia together with Thermal Ceramics Company as a leader in manufacture of ceramic fibre thermal insulation in the world. The main condition of establishment of a joint venture was organization of production of world-level heat-insulating ceramic fibre products.

The installation of a processing line for the production of refractory ceramic fibre (silica-mullite composition) by spun method began at the MTC-SL LLC production site in 2006. The rated capacity of the spun line is 3500 ton/per year made possible to provide customers with quality products in accordance with the best foreign patterns. The ceramic fibre line for blanket production was designed and installed with a high level of automation of all technological processes starting with batching and finishing with cutting of finished material. At all stages there is video and electronic control with record of 400 parameters on the computer every 20 minutes. A high degree of technological process automation enables to manufacture a material with the given parameters corresponded fully with the global quality standard of Morgan Thermal Ceramics. Conformity of the output quality is confirmed by the Thermal Ceramics UK research laboratory, Bromborough.

The technology of refractory ceramic fibre production has been optimized in 2009. In May of the following year the processing line was officially put into operation.

The manufacture of finished ceramic fibre modules completed with anchors of different configurations has been developed by the end of 2009.

Upgrading of the board production area has begun in 2010. That work has been completed in the first half of 2011 and the manufacturing techniques of vacuum-formed insulating board production by Thermal Ceramics technology have been trained then.

The growing demands of customers to the quality of heat-insulating products make us never stop at what has been accomplished. Our company implements always the technical projects aimed at modernization, technical renovation and production development expanding the range of marketable products and their quality improvement.