General Directors Appeal

Dear Sirs,

I am pleased to welcome you on behalf of Morgan Thermal Ceramics Sukhoy Log LLC. Every year the interest goes up to the ceramic fibre insulation in a variety of industries. The permanent rise in prices of power recourses causes during the scheduled and permanent repairs to pay more attention to production cost reduction arising from furnace running in order to find ways of potential saving.

The main goal of these events is reducing of fuel and energy resources consumption and improving the efficiency of a thermal unit. Many industrial Companies have estimated already the advantages of lining made of fibre materials and products on their basis. However, it must be admitted that the characteristics of domestic fibre materials do not allow to use the ones widely as lining of thermal units in connection with insufficient resistance and high shrinkage in the operation process even though remaining in demand at the Russian market.

Morgan Thermal Ceramics Sukhoy Log LLC as the joint venture was founded in 2005 on a base of Sukhoy Log Refractory Works OJSC together with Morgan Thermal Ceramics as the Company held a leading position in ceramic fibre production in the world.

Heretofore, the similar products manufactured by MTC-SL LLC were represented mostly by foreign manufacturers from China and some European countries.

The production of new qualitative insulating materials allows our Company to hold its leading position in the production of high-temperature thermal insulation in Russia. Many Russian customers were able to evaluate the advantages of new materials and their quality level works towards to export the ones to foreign countries as well as to cooperate with leading European engineering companies worked at the Russian market. We are oriented towards the needs of the modern market always taking into account the requests of our Customers.

With certainty in mutually beneficial cooperation,


Yours faithfully,

Anatoly V. Mamaev

General Director of Morgan Thermal Ceramics Sukhoy Log LLC